Residential Roof Repair

Occasionally, a roof will develop a leak or an issue long before the entire roof needs replacing. Leaks and damaged roofs are often caused by weather incidents like high winds or an issue with the shingles such as slipping or cracking. Although these leaks may seem minor, they can lead to many issues the longer that you leave them. Should you suspect that your roof has a leak, it is best to contact a certified Residential Roofing professional like the team at All Coast Roofing. Whether your home is in need of Roof Repair in Surrey, Roof Repair in North Vancouver, or beyond, no job is too big for our trusted team of professional Roofing Contractors. 

Flat Roof Repair

Because flat roofs do not have a slope to them, water, snow, and ice tend to pool on them which can speed up the decaying process. They often use Torch On roofing techniques and materials. One of the tell-tale signs of a flat roof in need of repair is when the outer surface of tar starts developing a lizard skin-like texture, trained eyes like our Vancouver roofing contractors can spot the issues like these with the roof and use cutting edge techniques to extend the life your home’s flat roof. Flat roofs are common with Strata roofs like condos and some townhomes.

Cedar Shake Roof Repair

A well-maintained cedar shake roof can last an incredibly long time. However, the maintenance includes ensuring that the roof is moss-free and any issues are patched professionally. Loose or warped shake tiles are common and it signals that you need to immediately repair your cedar shake roof. Although many might think about doing repairs themselves, cedar shake roofs have an understructure to them which means that roof repairs are best left to professionals.

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