Skylights and Siding Installation Vancouver

Why Install Skylights in Vancouver?


If you’ve lived in Vancouver for more than a year then you’ll know that our winters can be on the dark and grey side, which might make many balk at the thought of installing skylights in their home. But, it is because we receive our fair share of grey and gloomy days that skylights are a great option for boosting the light in a home without blowing out your energy bill (and subsequently your bank balance). Although when we talk about skylights most homeowners picture one type, there are quite a few different types, including: 


  • Fixed Skylights 

These types of skylights are just like windows in your roof, only they cannot be opened. They allow for a lot of light in the room while also allowing the home to retain heat, although the lack of air supply might be a negative in the heat of the summer.


  • Sun Tunnels (or Tube Skylights)

Great for basements and for raised roofs, these sun tunnels and tube skylights act like larger pot lighting in your home. There are flexible and non-flexible versions of these skylights, the flexible versions have a series of mirrors internally, which ensures that no light is lost.

  • Pyramid and Dome Skylights

Pyramid and dome skylights are more common in commercial settings rather than a residential home, although custom-built homes with a large atrium have been known to feature these often custom made skylights.


  • Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb Mounted skylights are similar to fixed skylights mentioned earlier. The only difference being that curb mounted ones are designed to be opened, allowing for additional airflow and ventilation in the summer heat.


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