Multi-Family & Strata Roofing Contractors Vancouver

Finding a multi-family or commercial roofing contractor can be a frustrating and stressful experience as a property manager or owner—especially when your multi-unit building needs important repairs or renovations. Your business needs the construction work to be completed correctly by professional contractors so that your multi-family property is safe, functional, and appealing so that it attracts and retains the best tenants for the long-term.


All Coast Roofing is a contractor that specializes in multi-family and strata roofing for Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver


Whether you have a newer multi-unit property and are looking for an on-call contractor for when issues come up or if you have an older building in need of a complete renovation, we can help with your multi-unit or strata contractor needs. Our experts can handle a wide range of roofing and property issues and fix them quickly and professionally to ensure your multi-family/commercial property is in tip-top shape.

Multi-Family Property Contractors

As strata and multi-family contractors, we understand how important it is to properly maintain and repair your multi-family/commercial property according to the highest professional standards. Our team can handle any property type including:


  • Apartment complexes

  • Condominiums

  • Townhomes

  • Rowhouses

  • Senior living facilities

  • Commercial plazas

  • High-rise buildings

  • Hotels/motels

  • Mixed-use structures

Professional Quality. Professional Compliance.

As professional strata contractors, we know the importance of ensuring compliance with municipal regulations, HOA rules, and other requirements. We do this by strictly adhering to municipal statutes governing remediation and construction, assisting our clients with the permit process, and by ensuring that our products are as eco-friendly as possible. Our multi-family and strata contractors can help you with a number of projects and not just roofing. Our experts can help with:


  • Siding repair and replacement

  • Roofing replacement and repair

  • Deck replacement and repair

  • Painting and weatherization

  • Water intrusion and emergency repairs

  • Property maintenance

  • Siding and stucco replacement

  • Weather remediation and repair

  • Landscaping

  • Solar Panel installation

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